You Are More Than Your Body.

Hi guys!! I am so honored to get to write a little post for Rebel Compass!! Shout out to my name twin for giving me this opportunity :))

Anyways, I wanted to talk about something that’s super duper important to me — Body Image. Body image is a S T R U G G L E. It is for so many girls and it always has been for me. It’s so hard to be a teenage girl living in a world of constant comparison. It is so hard to scroll through social media to find posts promoting excessive exercise, eating disorders and unattainable bodies. It is so hard to look in the mirror and not see the tiny waist that you spend hours at the gym working towards. It’s so hard to think about every little thing that you eat and belittle yourself for everything you do. But you know what I realized? I am so much more than your body!!! & So are you!!! You are so much more than your appearance, your weight, your clothing size, etc., etc. You are more!!!

Now believe me, I still struggle daily with body image, self love and confidence, but I have started changing the way I think about myself — Instead of pointing out everything I don’t like about myself, I try to think of things that I DO like about myself! Instead of ending my day telling myself everything that’s wrong with me, I started telling myself all the ways I made myself proud that day. Whenever I think something negative about myself, I try to replace it with a positive. For example, if I think, “I hate that I don’t have a flat stomach,” I try to immediately think, “but I’m thankful for my strong core that allows me to do so many things!” It’s all about perspective people!!!

Positive self talk is KEY to confidence. Hype yourself up!!! Every morning, I’ve started to do some positive affirmations in the mirror… 10/10 recommend! I tell myself, “I’m proud of you!! You are beautiful! You are worth people’s time and attention! You are God’s Masterpiece!” — Be your own best friend. Treat yourself the way you treat others.

We’re in this together ladies!! Confidence doesn’t need to be rare! Realize your worth — you are so much more than your body or your looks. You are smart, kind, compassionate, caring & so much more. You are capable of amazing things that have NOTHING to do with your body!

Anyways that’s it!! I pray for all the girls in the world struggling to realize their worth — it’s so hard, but so worth it!! LOVE. YO. SELF.

Thank you so much!

~Kyra Boesiger

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