You Are Free Indeed

You are free indeed.

You are fearfully & wonderfully made.

You are made in the image of Christ. All these verses come to mind as to my “why” I create. I am created by the creator who calls me free, wonderful, and beautiful. (John 8:36, psalm 139:14, and genesis 1:27.)

Ever since middle school I’d say I loved to dress up and as I got older I started to enjoy it more and more. Not necessarily because I wanted to be seen or noticed but I felt good and beautiful as me. I learned how to do minimal makeup and accessorize! My mom is such a tom boy (although- she’s obsessed with earrings now because of freely made!) and I’m the only child so I didn’t have much direction! But as I looked to older girls ahead of me in my faith I started to grasp my style. I don’t know exactly what to call it- modern? Boho? Simplistic? I can shop at a boutique or American Eagle all day or easily slip on some running shorts! All in all I wanted to be presentable- and as I grow in my faith and grasp it more, I want to be a woman of faith who dresses to let the beauty of Christ shine through me. As I wear clothes and create earrings, I want girls & women, to put them on and feel comfortable and confident with whatever style they have! I want them to put them on and feel the freedom and confidence of Christ exuding in them! I want you to “be free in being who you were created to be”- a beloved, beautiful, daughter of Christ who is seen as beautiful and free in the eyes of Jesus. Oh how you are free, free indeed.

I do this because I love Jesus, you, and creating. If just one gal puts these on and sees the beauty that Christ has created them to be it will all be worth it.

P.S. “freely made” was coined by my friend Rachel and I. Not really intending much but as I create more and pray over it, I know that this ^ is my true heart behind it!!



***Check out all her stunning polymer clay earrings on Instagram @freelymade_!

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