Where We Start

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

I’m just a girl. I’m just a girl trying to find myself in the world. Trying to find out who I’m supposed to be, what I’m supposed to do, and who knows what else. Here’s what I do know. I know I love to travel. I know I love to write. And I know I want to make a difference with my life.

I want to be more than just a pretty face and an Instagram page. I want you to follow me for more than just my name. I want you to follow me because you want to know what’s next on my journey. Yes, I could learn to take great photos, and yes I can learn to fake a bunch of Instagram followers. But how is that going to add any meaning to my life.

So here’s where I’m at right now. I have no job. I have enough savings to last me a year. I have big dreams, yet no direction. And that’s about all.

Welcome to the start of my journey!

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