Tornado In A Box

*Part 2 of Unsaid Truth

"Tornado In A Box"

She hides her thoughts,

her truth is unknown to most.

This girl has demons,

you just don't realize it.

Secrets hiding underneath,

both good and bad, they haunt her.

They haunt her days,

and fill her nights.

That deadly information,

just lingering in her mind.

Close enough to reach,

but too quick to ever grab.

Like a tornado in a box,

she fights to keep it inside.

She tries to lock them up,

keeping it unknown.

For when it's set free,

who knows the havoc they will cause.

Like a tornado in a town,

her world will turn upside down.

She nurtures them so closely,

losing a part of herself day by day.

The power that it holds,

too extreme.

Like a rock in the ocean,

she's bound to be dragged down.

Always focused on that secret,

she'll miss all of her future.

Like a rotting corpse,

it eats away at her.

It ravages at her insides,

Then it'll ravage her world.

But for now it'll stay,

a tornado in a box.

And a tornado in a box,

will never stay locked for very long.

It is bound to break free,

all reckless and wild.

Question is by the time it does,

what'll be left of her?

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