The Millennial Managers

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Becoming a successful and strong woman has always been a passion of mine. The need to succeed and fear of failure has fueled me through school, work and into my leadership position. I learned quickly in my role, it wasn’t about my success. My success was determined by my team; how they functioned as a unit, solving their problems so the organization could run better, helping them grow as individuals, valuing and making sure everyone felt appreciated. My new fuel was to ensure my organization and team succeeded.

I see myself as a problem solver, who continues to grow and learn so I threw myself into becoming a great leader. In my search to become a better leader I found limited resources available that were specifically geared for managers. Management training consisted of boring and uninspiring lectures, that were all about HR matters and compliance. I wanted passion and inspiration that I could bring back to my team, tools and resources to help me navigate through team challenges. I took any information that I could and applied it to what worked for me.

This led to founding The Millennial Managers, a positive and inspiring space. Where we could all grow as leaders, and provide resources to use in the workplace! My goal is for “Bad Managers” to be a term of the past, and for the workplace to be filled with motivation, and growth!


*To chat with or learn from her encouraging management tips head over to her Instagram page @themillennialmanagers!

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