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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Who knew coding could be so difficult. Actually I guess I kinda knew. In middle school tech class we all had to create a website from scratch. Of course he did give us the HTML code examples, so it never was difficult.

Even with the help I remember my website had a solid pink background with a picture of like a dog or something. Maybe I should've taken that as a sign. But here we are today and I'm still trying.

I just wanted this site to look cool and real. Not like the cheesy, boring templates they give you to start with. I gotta say i'm surprised i even got this far, so that's a plus.

And I know if you want a real site, you have to use something like Wix or Wordpress. But that's just too much coding and stuff. For as tech savvy as I've been told I am  (thx Nana) websites are just over my head.

But hey, if any of you reading this are any good at designing websites, I could use the help. For now I'm just gonna keep watching Youtube videos and clicking random buttons.

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