Starts With A Pen & Paper

I have a lot of dreams, naturally, I am a Pisces, we are dreamers. I always have a dream, pen and paper in hand, this is how it usually starts.

My name is Kirra, I am 23 and live in the beautiful countryside of South Australia, with my wonderful partner – who helps to bring these dreams to life. Last year, whilst scrolling on Instagram, like I usually do. I stumbled across some bus life pages, and I fell in love – the carefree lifestyle on the road instantly drew me in. That was it, I grabbed my pen and paper and began to manifest my vision in writing. My goal was to purchase a bus and turn it into our second home on wheels!

After searching like crazy, we found the one, our little yellow wonder bus – Otis. I have a habit of biting off more than we can chew... so we had a lot of work to do – still do! Great things take time, and I am comfortable with this. It is important to chase your dreams and fill your soul with the things that genuinely make you happy, even if its unusual or outside of the box. So that is what we did, slowly we are converting Otis to become our second home on wheels, chipping away one day at a time.

The road is long and we are far from finished, but this does not mean the adventure stops! There is something so fulfilling about hitting the road and travelling in a bus, filled with only the things you need and love. Every chance we get we take Otis for a spin, visiting some of the beautiful coastlines South Australia has to offer. Travelling really gives you time to slow down and make the most of what is around you, this is when I like to journal, take photos (for the gram), listen to music and just relax.

The simple life is what I am chasing, to break free of the 9-5, to make most of this beautiful world and life we have. If there are things in life that you love, that fill your soul, go for it! Fill your cup with the things in life that are important to you. Be your authentic self, slow down, break free and know that you don’t have to live up to society's expectations.

This still is a dream for me, I am far from where I want to be. Slowly it's becoming my reality. It all starts with a dream, pen and paper. Now is your chance!

~Kirra Kruger

*Go to her Instagram @querra to chat with or follow her adventures aboard her bus build “Otis”!

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