Q&A Time

Why do you love making stickers?

I’ve always wanted to sell physical products so when I started making my own designs for my Instagram I thought to myself that some of these would be such cute stickers! So that is where I was inspired to make stickers.

How did you decide on your pink summery color pallet?

I would say pink is my favorite color so I tried to center my color scheme around pink for my Insta, but now I’m starting to add more colors because I like the colorful look as well!

What was the inspiration to start a digital design business?

If my friends didn’t push me to start creating and selling my art, my account would not be what it is today! If you are unsure about starting a small business or just posting your art, I say go for it! It is so much fun and a great experience!


*Make sure to go check out her super fun art on Instagram @flurrydesign!

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