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Bored in quarantine? Can’t hang out with your friends? Can’t make new friends?

I discovered penpalling a couple of months ago when a friend showed it to me. At first, I was intrigued by all the intricate designs and details penpal accounts would make on their envelopes. I watched a couple of youtube videos to understand the basics and immediately fell in love with it!

Many people think that you need hundreds of dollars in stationary based on what they see on a successful youtube/Instagram account. Yes - stationary is helpful when you want to make a nice envelope or feed, but we can’t forget that the real meaning of penpalling is to write a letter. The “extras” are merely just a gift from you to your penpal.

How can I find a penpal?

It’s quite simple actually! There are many different outlets in which you can find people from all around the world that have the same interests as you. The easiest and cheapest way is to DM penpal accounts if they are looking for new friends! Make sure to see if they are accepting, and then proceed to give an introduction about yourself!

Another way is to sign up for websites that connect you to others. These websites tend to have a fee to make sure they are real people with real addresses. This is a safer alternative than Instagram, Facebook, etc. as the website confirms that they are real. Personally I tend to use Instagram as I can both see the person’s style, and the type of person they are beforehand. Make sure you are comfortable with exchanging addresses or invest in a PO Box!

Make sure you start small and gradually accept more people as you go! Don’t be afraid to say no if you don’t think you will click with the person. Remember you are investing both your time and money, so you should enjoy the relationship!

Penpalling on a budget?

There are many ways to save money while penpalling! While starting out I had to get really


1. Use magazines or newspapers and find images that you like to use and cut out! You can

find free ones in grocery stores!

2. Make your own stickers! Print out your favourite designs, add tape to the front and back, and enjoy! There are many youtube videos about it!

3. Make your own envelopes! Square envelopes can be quite pricey, so I tend to make them myself and still do! Once again, many videos can be found on youtube.

4. Look around the house for stationary before you go out and purchase. It’s understandable that you are excited to purchase everything, but remember your style will change and eventually you will be stuck with items you no longer will use!

I really hope this information was helpful to you all, and truly hope you start penpalling yourself! Getting letters in the mail brings so much happiness and excitement to my day, and knowing someone put the time and effort for you is so amazing! It also gives you the satisfaction to know that you have friends from all around the world!


You can find me on:

IG - @penpal.nikki

Youtube - Letters By Nikki

DM me for any questions!!

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