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Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Hi everyone! If you are not a blogger, content creator, influencer, etc, you may not know what I am talking about. A blog niche is a specific topic a blogger writes (or creates other types of content) about on their blog. The thing is, whenever a blogger is starting their blog, most of them have already discovered their niches, and they know what topics they are going to write about. I have a confession - I didn't. They all have their content planned, I didn't. I started my blog to improve my writing skills, to become a better writer, and I still do want to become an even better writer. But, there are certain things that have changed about my first blogging goals and then the blogging goals after that.

My first blogging goals were the following:

-become better at writing

-expand my vocabulary

-to be in a magazine for winning or getting an honorable mention in a competition or writers (I wanted to motivate myself to work even better on my writing)

And I achieved them! I am really happy because I achieved them, I definitely became a better writer, I indeed expanded my vocabulary and I got a honorable mention in Stone Soup's competition for young writers! I was proud of myself, but what I came to realize was that I started not to do it for educational reasons, but because I liked it. It was fun writing blog posts and ideas, taking/finding photos for my blog, and thinking of catchy titles.

Then my next blogging goals were the following:

-find your niches

-grow your Instagram

-learn & make audios for my blog

-learn & create blogging graphics for my blog

-create a big project - printable - for my subscribers to download & print & use

Did I achieve them? Sure did! The first goal I will talk about a little later. The second goal was a hard one to achieve. I didn't really know how to grow my Instagram, so I watched many YouTube videos on how to grow your Instagram. Why did I want to grow my Instagram? Because I wanted the people to discover my account, and in my bio is a link to my blog, so hopefully they will click on it and discover my blog too!

But, when I got I think like 300 followers, a teen blogger reached out to me, and said that she is forming an Instagram group chat of teen bloggers where we can collaborate, share tips and chat. She asked if I wanted to join, and I said yes! Not only did I enjoy blogging, became a better writer and achieved my goals, but I also found great friends because of blogging!! We all support each other, share advice and just talk! They are so kind people, and I never knew there were so many teen bloggers out there like me!

I joined an inspiring community, just because of blogging. We have reached the limit of members for our group chat haha! Now I currently have over 570 followers, and I am really happy about it! Being honest, I didn't think I would achieve this amount of followers! There are many Instagram accounts out there yet those 570 people chose to follow me. It is amazing. It is not that I wanted to just get more followers, I wanted to make friends (I did and still am), discover other amazing content creators (I did and I am), be found by other magazines of teen bloggers (I was and hopefully am!), and getting to chat with people who liked my content (I did and I am).

Third goal - if you are an active reader of my blog, you will know the answer is yes! I did indeed learn how to make audio recordings for my blog of me reading the articles, and I am making new ones constantly for my old posts!

4th goal - of course I did! I learnt with many courses on "how to make the best blogging graphics for your blog".

The last goal - YESSS! I made a very, very, very long bucket list of things to do during quarantine to have a blast, and start being a lot more productive! Click here to subscribe to my blog and get the free bucket list of over 120 things to do!

The first goal - this is what this article is about. As you saw my very first goals, I did not have a niche! I blogged about general stuff, what came to my mind, my opinions, random reviews and poems, things that just popped into my head. I am not saying this was a mistake, but if I were to just now start my blog, knowing back then what the word "niche" means, I would do it differently. I would pick my niche/niches, then start my blog.

But do I regret it, though? Not at all! It was like a not private diary to me, I could share with the world my opinions, my thoughts, and my feelings on different topics. I felt really happy doing that. But about a few weeks ago I heard from various YouTube videos about finding your niche/niches, and I decided that now is the time to pick mine. And it was really surprisingly hard because I have many topics to talk about, but I narrowed it down to 5 at the moment. The niches which are going to be my blogging niches are:

  • lifestyle

  • productivity

  • DIY

  • Fashion

  • Food

What I have not realized back then was that sometimes I already was blogging about these topics, especially DIY, Fashion and productivity! So those are my niches y'all! Now I wanted to talk about how you can discover your niches even though you are already a blogger, influencer, YouTuber, or content creator and have not discovered them yet! :)

These are my 4 tips based on my experience:

  • Think about what you already blogged/talked about to your viewers/readers/followers - what topics did you mainly created content about?

  • Who is following you? Who are the people who subscribe to your interests? Check to see who are your main viewers/readers - are they mainly interested in books/art/pets?

  • What interests you now? What is something you are constantly doing, reading about, watching videos about? Is it beauty YouTube videos? Is it health & fitness Instagrammers?

  • Write down the top 10 blogging niches you would be happy to blog/create content about, and narrow them down for now to 5, after about one month of blogging, you can narrow it down to the final top 3, but you can also narrow them down to just 5, like I did!

Hopefully, you found these tips useful! Thank you for reading my story about me starting my blog, achieving my goals and me discovering my niches :)

Have a wonderful day!

~Patrycja xx

*Make sure to check out her blog or to chat with Pati go follow her Instagram @pati_cool!

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