Messed Up

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Do you ever wish something bad happened in your life, that way you'd have an excuse for why you're so messed up?

I know this might sound messed up, yet it's true. I don't wish bad upon anyone.

My life has always been pretty perfect. Always stable, full of love, overwhelmingly cared for. Yet I'm a mess. I have always been grateful for what I've been given, but it feels like I don't deserve it.

So yes, sometimes I wish I had an excuse. Because without one you realize that it's simply just your fault. There's nothing else to blame. You must be the problem.

People love to say that's not the case, but when you ask them what is to blame. They got no better answer.

This isn't the most upbeat post, but am I the only one that's ever thought this?

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