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My name is Skylar Cunningham and I’m the owner of a small business called SKYLARGRACECO. I started my business in the midst of self isolation at the end of April this year. It’s funny because I never intended to start a business. I was almost done with my college courses that were now converted to online, and I was trying to find something to do with all this spare time I would have. I’m also a wedding videographer, and weddings were getting canceled left and right. My mom and I both were following Instagram accounts that make cute illustrations and lettering posts, so we decided to get an iPad pro. Before I knew it, I started an Instagram account for fun to share my drawings and do custom illustrations for people, turning their photos into digital art.

I noticed that a lot of the illustration community on Instagram sold their art as stickers. I bought sticker paper, printed out my stickers and cut them by hand. I first sold to friends and family through an Etsy shop. Once my little business grew, I decided to get a Cricut (cutting machine) to make it easier on myself! My business kept growing and I decided to get my boyfriend Jared’s help to create a website.  Now I sell tees, stickers, digital prints and more. My socials are growing everyday and I can’t wait to see where the business is a month and a year from now. I’ve met so many other creators and small business owners and the community is always so positive. 

I hope that my small business can be an example for others that are wanting to do what I do. I didn’t even start with the intention of having a business. My best advice is to just start. Learn and grow as you go. Don’t waste time preparing for months or putting it off because you’re nervous. Just start and you will get there! We are all still learning and growing. You will never have all the information, knowledge, and tools you need before you begin, so just start.

I stand by manifestation and doing what you love. Have an end goal in mind, and that positivity and outlook will provide you with a mindset for success. If your subconscious knows what you want, then you will take the steps to get there. You have to make your goal clear and obtainable so that you are able to take realistic steps to get there, but at the same time, don’t waste time going back and forth trying to be perfect. Many people want to start a business (or have a dream in general) but the preparation they think they need holds them back. Yes, you should do some research and maybe make a checklist. But don’t waste months or years when you could be starting toward your goal while working on growing and learning simultaneously. See, that’s the good news. You can start NOW!

One last thing; everyone is creative in their own way. If you’re reading this because you’re interested in starting a small business, you don’t have to be an artist or creator. Turn your own hobbies and skills into something greater!



TikTok: @skylargraceco

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You can find a lot of great behind the scenes and fun posts on my Instagram. My TikTok is full of business advice, other helpful information and great behind the scenes as well!


*Make sure to follow along with all the big things happening at SkylarGraceCo!

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