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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Most of us really want change to happen, like now… maybe even yesterday. 

We feel like change will fix all of our problems. If my body looked smaller I’d be happy. If I had a bunch of money I’d be able to do whatever I wanted. If this, then that. We think the outcome is guaranteed but it’s not. 

Lately I’ve been really guilty of thinking change will fix everything. Problem is I don’t want to make the change myself. I just want this outside force to do all the work for me. Like one day I’ll wake up and it’ll all be different.

Sorry to say that change usually doesn’t just happen overnight. Its not something you dream of, wake up and then it’s there. If that happens for you your a lucky one. But for the rest of us, we have to make it happen ourselves. I know that probably sucks to hear. Think of it this way though, if we want the change bad enough we will make it happen.

Its good to want change. Personally every couple months I need change to feel fresh again. Whether it be my room decor, my hair, my style etc. Change is a necessity in my life.

Its important to recognize why you want change. Do you want a fresh start to give like a reboot? Great. Do you want it because you think it’ll fix all your problem? Not great. See the difference. You have to want change for the right reasons because if you don’t you will only be disappointed.

After 17 years of that not happening you would think I would stop hoping for it to. I guess I finally have to make the changes I want myself. I’m just not so sure how to yet. Stay tuned for that. 😋

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