Make Bad Art

A few years ago, I sat with a pile of dollar store paints in a pile, and an old magazine opened to the first page. I painted a base layer, used a hair dryer to let it dry, and then added an illustration on top. It was bad, but it was therapeutic.

Make bad art, even if it scares you.

Throughout my 23 years, I have often found myself intimidated by creating because I was fearful of making bad art. I didn’t want to make something I wasn’t proud of, so I didn’t make anything.

You don’t need to be good at something to try it.

After feeling ashamed about things I created, I chose to stop caring about what others thought and started creating for myself. This was a game changer. If you love to create, then create!

Since actively changing my mindset towards how and what I create, I have come to recognize how necessary it is to try different mediums to find one that feels right. I found that filling pages of journals or magazines allowed me to experiment, while not feeling like I need to put my art on the wall. You can always Google search ”art journal” if you’re looking for some inspiration! I tried using caulking on a window to hang on my wall, I’ve glued pressed flowers and leaves onto paper in the shapes of dresses, I’ve painted and embroidered, and I’ve embroidered things I’ve painted. I stopped being afraid to experiment, and I started creating for the purpose of creating.

Today, I use fabric as my medium. I sell scrunchies and hair scarves (@kristenjunne on Instagram, TikTok, and Etsy!) The first few scrunchies I made were bad. Now over 1000 of my handmade are being worn all over the world. This would not have happened if I was scared to make bad art first!

You have to start somewhere. Pick up a brush, thread a needle, pull out some crayons, just start creating! It’s okay to mimic another artist (just always give them credit, and don’t profit off it!), it’s okay to make art you never show anyone, it’s okay to try new mediums and methods, it’s okay to make bad art!

~ Kristen June (@kristenjunne)

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