Life Gives What You Need

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Times are a mess right now. Obviously we’ve all been wrapped up in this crazy COVID-19 situation. As bad as it all seems though, there can be a lot of good that comes out of it if we choose.

At the start of this quarantine it was rough. I just kept counting down the days until they said we would reopen. It started as two weeks, then became 4 weeks, then a month, and quickly I realized I wouldn't being going back to normal life anytime soon.

Every time they announced a new date my mood would immediately drop. It was like that hope I was holding onto would once again be crushed.

Finally they announced that New York would not be reopening until Mid-June. I froze, it was only April. What the heck did they expect me to do in my house for another two months. I was going to go insane.

After a couple day slump, I realized you know I'm not going to continue to waste these days. Just cause I'm in quarantine doesn't mean my days aren't numbered anymore. It doesn't mean the world stops spinning around me. And it certainly doesn't mean everyone else stops around me.

Truth was I think I needed this time. The last 6 months had been really rough on me. My mental health was shot, my life was a mess, and I had no motivation for the future.

I had been trying to deal with it all, while still in school and having normal life go on. But I wasn't really getting anywhere. There was always something to distract or overshadow what was happening.

This was life telling me I needed a reboot. Like when monks go on those retreats for a month away from all people. Now I don't want that and I don't really want this. For now though, this is what I've got.

Life didn't give me what I wanted, life gave me what I needed. I needed this to kinda reevaluate and figure out what was happening in my life. And honestly I've grown a lot.

I guess what I would encourage you to try and figure out what was life’s purpose for giving you this break? It may not be what you wanted, but it could be what you needed!

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