Hometown of Castletucky

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

What do you see when you think New York? Many say city, lights, traffic and the Long Island accent. Well Castleton is not your typical New York town. The closest city is 30 minutes away, we have one traffic light and the only accent your going to find around here is a little bit of country.

Castleton-on-Hudson, the proper name for this tiny town. Better known to the locals as Castletucky. I'm not really sure why that name stuck. Compared to the neighboring towns Castleton is very honky tonk for the area. If your from the city and want a glimpse at country life, head over to GEM’s Farm. There’s a decent size herd of buffalo rooming around the fields. You'll know your heading the right direction when the wind blows. Now on the surface Castleton looks like a town meant to just breeze through on your way down 9-J. But there are a few hidden “gems” if you care to take a second.

Are you an artsy person? Brookview Art Studio is a small little shop opened just about a year ago. You can stop in and get some advice or work on any of your little crafts. Don't be afraid if your just new to the art world. Suzanne Pazienza, is the owner of this quaint little studio and also happens to be retired art teacher. She taught at the local Schodack Central School District for over 20 years. Fun fact she was my art teacher all the way through middle school. She hosts art classes for clay, painting and drawing if you want to take a night to relax and let your hands do the work.

If you are more of an outdoors person, there are plenty of trails. If your just looking to stop and stretch your legs, located right along 9-J is the Schodack Island State Park. It's a great place to take a break. There are many walking trails located all throughout the park. You can stop and sit by at one of the picnic benches if you want a bite to eat. Even better is the fact you have a gorgeous view. The Hudson River runs right alongside the park. A Maple Hill student recently created a new trail that runs right up side the river, that way you can now run with a view. There's a playground for the kiddos too.

Main Street is making a rise so dont judge just by looks. There's a newly opened Main Street Diner and Hardware Store. Now this may sound like an interesting combo, but if you think about it, it's a one stop shop. The Store is now open as well if you have any general needs or just want a good candy bar. Now the stores names may not be very creative, but Castleton’s businesses prides themselves on functionality. The Castleton Library is a cool building to stop by. I love sitting on the benches right outside and watching the water run by.

Maybe your not a hiker, but still want to walk. The Main Street Mile is  great stroll that will take you right through town. This walk is a must for all visitors to Castleton. You will pass by historic landmarks like the W. Curtis Noyes Engine House. After a major fire in town it was decided that this house would be built to store a important steam engine. For a bite to eat, stop by the Cherrybrook Cafe. It's another newly opened retro little spot.If you happen to want more time in our little town there are a couple options for overnights. Located in the town park is a campground if you are road tripping around. It is such a peaceful spot and there are not many people around. If you want a more fancy accommodation, you are in luck. We have a gorgeous Comfort Inn and Suites located at just past the edge of town.

Next time your passing through, maybe take a second to step outside and explore the possibilities. Castleton may not look like much, but it has a lot of undiscovered beauty.

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