Girl In The Mirror

*Part 3 of Unsaid Truth

Girl In The Mirror

She fought all her life to be free,

until she realized what freedom really was.

She had pushed everyone away,

now no one was left to care.

Not even the girl in the mirror,

all she does is stare.

These secrets that haunt her,

she carries all alone.

Everything was left on her as a burden,

nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Now she's spiraling out of control,

but it's too late for her to stop herself..

If you don't stop her,

who will?

All her relationships broken,

all the chains have been set free.

Yet now she alone,

just a walking nobody.

Left with her reflection,

of a girl she can't even look in the eye.

Got what she wanted right,

was freedom really worth the fight?

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