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Updated: May 31, 2020

I am so excited to finally share the new project with y'all. After a lot of time and hard work the website is live. It is completely designed and created by me.

I honestly shocked myself with how cool it turned out. Tech savvy has never been my thing, but I guess this time it worked out.

There are so many cool features available on the site. Like the new community forum. I have big hopes for this one. I have always wanted a place to connect with like minded people. Personally, I didn't have great luck in doing so, so I created one. I can't wait to connect and share each others stories with one another.

You'll find a gallery section with some of my previous edits. I have started receiving requests for people wanting me to do edits on their photos. I thought this would be an easy and efficient way for y'all to see my work and contact me. I hope to work with more of y'all and can't wait for what the future holds in the collab world.

This blog is truly a passion project come to life. Thank you so much for supporting me thus far, I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Just keep making your own path, and I guess it'll all work out.

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