Everyone's Got A Story

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Don't think you've got a story worth sharing? I've heard this a lot lately and I can't say I'm surprised. Honestly I used to think that same thing. With the world a mess and so many people fighting adversity, you feel unimportant. You feel like how could anyone possibly care about you when people are rioting for rights in the streets.

Maybe you feel selfish for asking anyone to listen to you when that would mean them taking time away from some other issue. Or maybe you just really don't think there is anything special about you that is worth sharing.

I'm here to tell you, YOU ARE WRONG. Everyone has got something worth sharing in this world. No matter what you believe in we all have a purpose in life that is meant to make this world a better place.

Some of us have a life story that others can relate to and find connection in. Others of us have a message that someone needs to hear because it might just save their life. We all have something.

There is a huge misconception behind what a story has to be. People assume to have a story something tragic must have happened in your life. WRONG. You will only listen if your popular and have accomplished something amazing in life. WRONG AGAIN. Thats what the tabloids are for.

The majority of this world is made up of unique people just like you and me. We may not have 1 million followers or thousands of dollars, but we still have a voice that is worth being heard.

No matter what your background may be, happy, tragic, lonely, or boring you have something amazing to share. You would be amazed how many girls are just longing to hear someone's story that sounds like them. We all want a voice we can relate to, a lesson to inspire us, and a girl to connect with.

If there is something inside you right now that is pulling you to finally share it, do it, contact me! It might just connect with someone so deeply that it'll change their life.

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