Drawing For Distraction

Hey everyone! My name is Erin and I am a 22 year old who just graduated college in the middle of a global pandemic. I am also the face behind the Instagram account @designsbydraz! There I post all of my digital artwork such as portraits, logos, stickers and more! I started getting into digital art during quarantine, as many others did. I first made this account just for somewhere to dump the artwork that I did. It quickly turned into more than that. I have found a community of artists who are so supportive and kind. It’s great to be able to ask fellow artists for tips and tricks and to gain inspiration from.

Now, although I recently picked up digital artwork, I have also been artsy. I loved painting and drawing as a kid and took art classes whenever I had the chance. Once I started college, that all came to a halt. I was an accounting major with a criminal justice minor working towards finishing 150 credits (5 years of school) in four years in order to take the CPA test and art classes didn't it fit into that plan. I would draw sometimes if I had spare time but anyone in school knows that there’s not always a lot of downtime to do things like this.

Like I mentioned before, the art community is full of the most supportive people I’ve worked with. It’s so great to have girls inspire you and support the work that you’re doing. To me, drawing is a great distraction to everything going on. The whole global pandemic thing can tend to get overwhelming. Whenever I feel like this, I pick up my iPad and start drawing. Sometimes I have a great idea about what I want to draw and sometimes I just draw line and shapes. Regardless of what I am drawing, it helps me to feel calm and get in touch with my creative side. There is so much pressure now, more during quarantine than ever, to be productive and it is easy to get caught up in the idea that everything has to be productive. However, it is so important to have a hobby or just something that you enjoy doing. If anyone is thinking of picking up a hobby, now is the time to do it!


*Check out her amazing digital illustrations on her Instagram page @designsbydraz! How good does that food look!

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