Creative Uses For Postcards

Postcards have so much hidden value just waiting to be discovered. If you think about it, postcards are just like polaroids. The last couple of years they’ve been brought back to life. People love how these things bring the vintage style into the modern day. Everyone loves their trendy, cute style, and might I add adorable colors.

Some people still find it hard to understand why they’d want a postcard though. I think with a little creative thinking postcards would be the perfect addition to your life.

Hide Your Unsent Letters

Have you watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before? I got this great idea right after watching that film. If you haven’t seen it, the girl writes a letter to every boy she has ever liked and hides the letters in a box in her room.

With a postcard you can hide all the unsent letters even better. You can write a letter about literally anything on one side and no one will ever know. All they will see is the pretty design that faces outwards.

What I do is I write a little note to myself on the back of one every birthday. Just a little something about how the past year went and what I am hoping for during the next. It's simple, secretive, and oh so clever.

Personal connection is so important!

It's so much more special to receive a postcard than receiving a text. When you write a postcard it shows you care enough to put in effort. By writing that cute little note it shows you care and went out of your way to make someone feel a little extra special!

Plus don’t you just love opening up your mailbox and seeing happy mail inside. We all are so used to getting a dreary bill or boring junk mail we don’t even read. But when we see that cute postcard it makes us feel so excited to open. Our goal is to make so many more of those special mailbox moments.

They make great wall collages!

I’d say this use is one of my favorite things about postcards. On one side you have the cute little note. But on the other side there is this gorgeous design that doubles as a wall print. You no longer have to feel bad about throwing away the birthday card your grandma sent. When you send a card on a postcard you can keep it. You can display it in a beautiful collage to decorate your wall.

I have postcards all over my room. If you're ever looking for some inspo, Pinterest is your place. They have given me some great tips to hang postcards. All you need is some strings of fairy lights, small paper clips, and your postcards. It looks so cute and you can constantly change it up.

Keep Track Of The Famous Family Recipes

Postcards make great recipe cards for all your secret family recipes. They are super easy for storage, acting just like notecards. Only postcards are so much more stylish than a blank white scrap of paper.

There is plenty of space on the back to keep track of all the things. Whether it’s a recipe, bills, notes, reminders, etc. These postcards are perfect for keeping all the little notes you have scattered around the house in one space.

Being that they are bigger than post it notes you are sure to not lose them. But on the other hand we made sure they aren’t too big either. We know you don't want clutter and we sure don’t want to add to the mess. So these postcards are a perfect 4x6. Not too tiny and not too big, just perfect!


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