Creating Is Cathartic

Well hello there! My name is Madelyn and I am 22 years old. I have always taken an interest in art and creating through many different mediums. Whether it be macrame, digital art, embroidery, hand lettering, makeup, painting, crochet, up-cycling furniture pieces or repurposing them, I love it all. This is why I have named my personal page “madannevcreates”. I didn’t want to pigeon hole myself into a specific form of art because I love it all. I began my page as a way for me to share what I was creating and to view other creators content for inspiration.

I have found that when I am creating something new, I am able to disconnect from whatever is going on in my world. Cheesy but true. Whether my personal life events seem to be going wonderfully or horribly wrong, creating gives my brain a break. Creating is highly cathartic to me.

I am currently in my final stage of education to complete a Human Development and Family Sciences degree with an emphasis in Child Life. If you don’t know what a child life specialist is, look it up (it is pretty cool if I do say so myself). I recently moved to the good ole state of North Dakota to complete my Child Life internship. As I have been living in Columbia, Missouri for the last four years, this was a big move for me and I knew I was going to need to invest in an iPad. I wanted to be able to keep creating, but it wasn’t so realistic to bring every craft material I have accumulated with me for the short time I will be here. I wanted to push myself to grow as a digital artist. After tinkering around on Procreate with my best friends iPad, I knew this would be just what I needed to keep my sanity in a state where I would know no one. During Covid might I add!

Boy was I right. I have created things I am insanely proud of and have grown so much as a creator since beginning my page. Confidence is something I have always struggled with and I have found immense support through fellow artists of Instagram. Sales were not my initial intent of my page, however if someone is interested in having me create something for them I have the option to dm me for a quote. I am only just beginning and am excited to see how my work will change over time.



*Go chat or check out her latest creation on her Instagram page @madannevcreates!

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