Break The Mold

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

I rebel because if I don't, who else will.

I've always been trying to go against the grain. I feel like it's no fun to just conform to what everyone says you should do.

They try to tell you who to be, where to go, what to act like, etc. No they can't tell me that because last time I checked this is my life, not theirs.

I guess rebelling feels like the only way to change the track were all on. I wanna be better than those of the past. And I don't have any chance of getting there unless I break the mold.

Rebelling isn't about making people mad. Although sometimes that can be a plus. What it's really about is creating change.

Society would never change and evolve if there weren't people protesting and rebelling. So I guess I was just meant to be one of those people.

Someones gotta do it, why not be me. I'm not here to live a life like anyone else and neither should you. We make our own paths and our own life

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