Become A Successful Shop Owner

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

I guess the most important thing is to buy good quality stuff, stay active and have great marketing for having big sales. No that’s not the truth!

Being successful has nothing to do with how many sales on Etsy you make or how many money you make in general! No! Success is the product of being happy :) if you enjoy what you do, if you love the things you spend your time with then and just then you can say that you’re successful!

You’re successful because you are happy and I think that’s the best thing ever! I own an Etsy shop where I sell stickers and I don’t make as many sales as others do, not even close but I’m successful because I love it!

I love taking care of my instagram, I love drawing and designing new stuff and I love packing the stuff for my great buyers. And believe me or not even if I just make one sale the week I am going to be happy and successful because I enjoy what I do :)


*Go check out this girls adorable earthly stickers on her Etsy shop or her Instagram page @annabelstickrs!

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