Aloha Hawaii

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Aloha Freespirits,

Are you ready to endure the freedom of the islands? Everyone dreams about going to this tropical paradise called Hawaii. I always thought of the islands as a foreign place from another world. It seemed so far away, so unreachable, and unimaginable.

That is until I found out we were going there, I was in third grade. The farthest place I had ever been was Disney Land in Florida, scratch that the only place I had been to was Orlando. I was so excited like any kid would be, until I realized how long a 16 hour flight day actually was.

Just when the flight feels so long, like there is no point to going anymore, you see the islands. The view from the airplane is a sight like no other. You have a birds eye view that fills you with hope that there is an end to this never ending flight.

The first day on the island you look around and there are palm trees and water as far as the eye can see. I don't know about you, but where I come from that is not an every day occurrence. The water is warm and filled with swimming fishes. People walk through the streets so relaxed and joyful, some are even barefoot. The town is colorful and filled with a positive vibe that is contagious.

Looking for places to explore on Oahu? We heard many good things about the Diamond Head Trail from the locals. Although, we were not able to hike there because we couldn't seem to locate it. We would have had more luck had we gotten a taxi, but the weather is just to beautiful not to walk. Instead of Diamond Head we went to Koko Crater.

I would highly recommend Koko Crater to an adventurous person or to a person looking to get out of their comfort zones. Sometimes going into things unaware of the challenge can be a curse or a miracle.

Koko Crater is a dormant volcano that used to be a railroad track that hauled things too the top. The railroad tracks act as a ladder, but be careful the tracks are old and a little rickety. The hike can be strenuous to the average person, but try and enjoy it the best you can because the view is amazing if you can just stop and enjoy. Personally, I wish I calmed and slowed down because I was so scared and all I focused on the way up was how to get down. PS, all that thinking about the way down led me to sliding down each step on my butt, not worth the thinking.

There is a lookout at the top where you can sit and take in the all the view. You have to remember to get out of the way of the runners, yes locals use the hike as a workout trail. Don't be intimidated when they run up the hill stopping for push ups, they have the home team advantage.

The food is so light and colorful if you chose to experience the traditional Hawaiian style. If you aren't an adventurous eater don't be concerned they also serve typical American food. They do put a twist on some American food styles that make it so much better. Don't be afraid to ask for suggestions for where to eat or shop, the locals are very accommodating.

You are not alone, most areas where you will be are most likely tourist locations. For a more cultural experience try and go away from the main cities or travel to the other smaller islands. The island fever in my opinion is not noticeable, you just have to not think like that. Honolulu is on the island of Oahu, but there are tours that will take you to the other islands.

Enjoy your adventure in Hawaii and feel free to kick back barefoot and not feel judged.

E Aloha Kekahi i Kekahi

Love One Another

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