Hey y’all! So happy to meet you. My name is Kyra Price and I am the creator behind Rebel Compass. 


The term rebel has been used to describe me all by life. Before you judge, it has not always been in a bad way. I am a rebel in the way I choose to live my life. I often make choices that are unexpected or take the road less traveled. I like to describe myself as a girl who goes my own authentic direction. 


Growing up there were not many people I knew like me. I wasn’t a trouble maker, but I also wasn’t the one to do what people told me to. I was somewhere in between. I was driven by doing the unexpected. If you told me exact instructions on how to complete a task, I did the opposite and made up my own direction. It was hard to find other people like me though who shared the same passion for doing things differently.

I knew I never wanted the 9 to 5. I never wanted to be stuck in a desk job or even ever have a boss. By probably age 13 I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. But finding other 13 year old entrepreneurs in a small town was near impossible. So I waited and waited to find "my people".  


And then I started to become a part of the small business community. I realized there were so many other dreamers out there who were like me and wanted to forge their own path, they were "my people". I made it my mission to be able to connect with them, hence the creation of Rebel Compass. 


It's the place where all the dreamers and action taking business babes can all connect. We have females on the blog every week sharing their story and advice for starting a small business. We are constantly expanding and finding new ways to grow and reach more women from all around the globe. Through our blog and the Herbie Journey we have reached women in over 35 countries, that is insane! 


I just want to say a huge thank you for all y’alls support, it means the world. I hope you found "your people" here at Rebel Compass. I can’t wait to see what direction this journey will take us next!

Happy Adventures,