Herbie's story

Everyone meet Herbie! Herbie is our lovely mascot and connection vehicle for meeting y’all all around the world. 


I was first introduced to the VanLife way of living in 2014. Ever since, the Van Life movement swept the world. It caught my interest along with so many others like wildfire. It has become my life dream to one day own a real life Herbie I can call my home. Until then though I thought we could share Herbie!


Through Rebel Compass and the blog we have been able to reach people in over 35 countries so far, which is amazing. But Herbie is the way we are going to reach and connect with even more people! By going to the shop and buying a pack of Herbie Postcards we can share happiness all around the world!

Once you recieve a Herbie in the mail, take a picture with him in your town. Make sure to share it using the hashtag #herbiewashere. And then send on the other 4 postcards to friends all around the globe!


Postcards are a great way to send a little note to brighten someones day. Each postcard is Herbie in some unique location around the globe. Maybe you find a pack that looks like where you live that you can send  to someone far away and be able to share a piece of your home with them. Or maybe you like seeing Herbie some place crazy like in space!


So whenever you receive a Herbie Postcard in the mail make sure to take a picture with Herbie. Tag @rebel.compass in the photo and use the hashtag #herbiewashere that way we can track all the fun places Herbie’s been to!


A portion of every sale goes directly to funding a real life Herbie. That way one day we can travel around and meet all y’all lovelies in person!


Make sure to go pick up a Herbie pack and share the love around the world.

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